As the name implies, it’s designed to be simple.


Way too many business owners try and over complicate the complexity of websites.  They want the website to have many moving parts and pieces.   They typically give so much information that readers get lost, bored or tired looking for the answer to their question, problem or search for a solution.  A typical business doesn’t need a 30 page website.  They need a clear message that turns seekers into customers.  Often a website’s primary objective or call to action is to get the prospect to take action.  That may mean pick up the phone and call your business, or it could mean click the button and add a product to purchase, or it could be as simple as having a person enter their information such as a name and phone number or an e-mail address.

At Simple Websites, our objective is to help you achieve your goals.  Every business is different and each website owner often has different measures of success.  Our primary objective is to produce the results that you are trying to achieve.  We have experience, knowledge, tools and expertise to help you and your website accomplish your objectives.

Our customers are busy growing their businesses and do not want to spend months and years figuring out everything there is to having a website. They work with us to provide input and we set it up and take care of the maintenance. In return it provides the owner with credibility and to achieve their stated objective.

Get started today.