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We offer three primary categories of services.

Getting Started...


Websites and marketing campaigns have many objectives or goals. Some are to sell products, others are to generate leads and others are to inform or educate. Before you begin, consider if you have a crystal clear goal or objective for your website or marketing campaign.

A Story

Why would people buy from you? Why will people listen to you? What makes your product or service unique? Sometimes referred to as a Unique Selling Proposition. Do you have messaging. Are you ready to share your message, product or service? Is it unique or is it the same as your competitors? Before you begin your website or marketing, think about your story and your message. At Simple Websites, we want it to be simple. Is your message direct and succinct? It is easy to data dump large quantities of information, but it's a genuine skill to do it by using words sparingly. If a caveman opened your website, could he identify what it is that you do in five seconds? Remember; If you confuse, you lose! If you need help with this, we have a variety of options to help you develop your organization's messaging.

Company Brand

Do you have a professional logo? Do you have a professional brand? Are you attempting to reflect a specific feel or vibe? Does your logo and brand have company colors or a specific font or moniker? Do you have professional photography of your business and products or services? So often businesses that are new to website development start building their website and either during development or sometimes after the site has been completed they decide that they want to change. Sure there may be small modifications, there often are, but you should have the basics before you pull the trigger on website development. If you don't have these things, we can help you begin developing your website's content.


Developing a simple and effective website or a marketing campaign is a commitment. It is going to take time, thought, consideration, decisions and resources. It's a commitment of resources to get it built and it's a continuing commitment to maintain it and to market it and to refine it, but if done right, it will pay you dividends month after month and year after year.

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