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Simple Websites
Your website is often your visitor's first impression. It needs to be a good one.

A simple and effective website is a combination of art and science.

An effective website is a well balanced combination of art such as photography, white space, balance, color and illustrations. An effective website must also contain unseen information. It must be formatted in a way that is understandable to search engines. In addition it must meet a number of industry expectations and standards that many web developers simply may or may not understand. Websites must load fast, they must include certain pages and they also require certain legal elements. In addition, websites don't typically remain static. As businesses change or as products and services change or as prices change companies need help changing their websites. Unlike many website developers, we don't just walk away once your site is complete, but our model is an ongoing relationship. When considering a development team it is important to work with a company that understands both the art and science and that will work with you going forward.

Service Setup Monthly Maintenance
Simple Website (Not Optimized) $2997 $197
Simple Website (Optimized) $4497 $197
Simple Website Plus (Not optimized) $4997 $197
Simple Website Plus (Optimized) $7997 $197

Search Engine Optimization
SEO helps people find your website.

Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is the process of doing the ongoing necessary steps, tasks and configurations that optimize your website so that search engines will serve your website when people search terms related to your website's messaging, products or services.

Service Setup Monthly Maintenance
Local Organic (6 Month Minimum) $0 $597
Local Plus (6 month Minimum) $0 $1197
Local Premium (6 Month Minimum) $0 $1997
Local Prime (6 Month Minimum) $0 $2997
Organic Starter (6 Month Minimum) $0 $597
Organic Plus (6 Month Minimum) $0 $1197
Organic Premium (6 Month Minimum) $0 $1797
Organic Prime (6 Month Minimum) $0 $2997

Pay-Per-Click Marketing
Pay per click marketing is a way to immediately begin to get visitors to your website.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing is an effective way to get visitors and prospects to your website. There are many vendors that offer Pay-Per-Click advertising and many different ways to deliver your message to a very targeted audience.

Service Setup Monthly Maintenance
Pay Per Click Starter (6 month Minimum) $397 $597 + Ad Spend (No minimum)
PPC Small (3 month Minimum) $497 $897 + Ad Spend ($1000 - $2999)
PPC Medium (3 Month Minimum) $597 $1297 + Ad Spend ($3000-$4999)
PPC Large (3 Month Minimum) $797 $2197 + Ad Spend ($5000-$10,000)
Humongous Retargeting Campaign (6 month Minimum) $997 $997 + Ad Spend

Social Media
The world is on social media now. Get in front of them.

Social media is a cost effective way to get and keep your message in front of your prospects and clients.

Your customers and prospects spend a great deal of their time on social media. It's an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand, and share your products and services as well as develop relationships of trust. Prospects are more likely to do business with individuals or organizations that they know, like and trust. In addition, social media can be a very cost effective investment which will allow you to communicate with your prospects and clients over a long period of time into the future.

Service Setup Monthly Maintenance
Facebook Ads Starter (6 month Minimum) $397 $597 + Ad Spend
Facebook Ads Small (3 month Minimum) $497 $897 + Ad Spend ($1000 - $2999)
Facebook Ads Medium (3 Month Minimum) $597 $1297 + Ad Spend ($3000-$4999)
Facebook Ads Large (3 Month Minimum) $797 $2197 + Ad Spend ($5000-$10,000)
Humongous Retargeting Campaign (Includes Facebook) (6 month Minimum) $997 $997 + Ad Spend
Facebook Page Chatbot $497 $797 + Ad Spend